5 Facts about AR 15 scopes that will make your hair stand

The rifle scopes are highly recommended for those who are fond of hunting. Because success rate of hitting your target increases when you aim properly and you are confident that you’ll not miss that shot using a rifle scope.

There are many types of rifle scopes are available, but AR 15 scope is on the top. Let’s discuss its salient features.

AR (in AR 15 scopes) stands for “Assault Rifle”? Well, NO.


Most of us think that AR 15 is a type of assault rifle and AR stands for “Assault Rifle.” But, the truth behind it is that it stands for “ArmaLite Rifle.”

ArmaLite is a company name who produced AR 15 rifles in 1958 for the very first time. So, it’s not an assault rifle 15 scope, but it is an ArmaLite Rifle 15 scope you are going to buy.

Here are 5 facts to know that will totally surprise you:

Fact 1: Limitation of Distance

AR 15 rifle scope is always used to shoot at longer distances. It can provide you a very clear view to aim your target beyond 100 yards distance to gun down your target.

Fact 2: Magnification Limitations

Overall, each model has its specific magnification limitations according to their models. So, in AR 15 rifle scopes, you will have recommended magnification power to magnify smaller objects.

Fact 3: Power of Magnification

Rifles have high power because of their use for long distance shooting. AR 15 comes with 12x power, and in its latest upgrade model, it even comes with 20x that’s why it is recommended to shoot small objects of even 30-40 mm.

Fact 4: Better Eye Relief

Good scope for ar15 provides comfort regarding eye relief, and it’s easy to reach at zero positioning. As scopes are designed for long distances, so the complexity in recoiling will depends upon the power of magnification. While, on the other hand, many scopes are being used for rifle and shotgun as well, but scopes give more results when they are being used with AR 15 rifle.

Fact 5: Accuracy         

In scopes reticle is the major thing to be considered for accurate shooting. It always has a standard shooting point not depending upon the shape of different types of scopes. In AR 15 rifle scopes you will have even more accurate results and clear shooting point because of its mathematical calculations. In math, calculations include wind flow rate, the average range of the targeted objects and the time it takes to cover the distance.


AR 15 rifle scope is the top favorite scope of experienced hunters and shooters. But, do remember one thing that if you are going to buy a scope for your rifle, then you should know the features and a few facts about the models available. So, here we discussed 5 facts about AR 15 rifle scopes so you know about it before you go to the market to buy it. With rifle sight some vendors provide hunting season va so don’t forget to get that.

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