Brand Promoting on Instagram

You know Instagram is the jam right what’s up socials happy savvy Tuesday if you haven’t started using Instagram for your brand maybe it’s time to reconsider that at the time of this recording there are more than 400 million monthly active users that’s a lot. So whether today is the very first day your brand is on Instagram, or you just want to clean up a few things here is what you need to know:



About getting started with Instagram marketing the very first thing you’re going to have to do is choose a username. So choose one that’s easy to remember you want to be able to be tagged often especially for brand awareness hopefully it’s the same name as your brand name, but that’s not available. Then consider other options like adding a number or an underscore it’s a little bit easier to tag people these days on Instagram accounts whether they remember the username or not. So as long as your brand name is correctly filled out in the name field you should be ok you still want your handle to be easy to remember.

Launching brand:

Remember when it’s time to launch you need a minimum of nine photos nobody wants to go to a launched Instagram account and see only one picture. When somebody goes to your account, they’re going to see a grid of photos, not just one so if there’s not enough photos to make a grid, it’s not the best first impression. Don’t forget when you’re creating those photos to share pictures of people and exciting moments the most engaging picture you can post is one of the someone’s face it’s very relatable you know people with faces seeing other people with faces. Fit into the environment by following simple rules like this but stand out with your amazing personality you can do that by sharing those faces within your organization.


Try to spend more time in the comments you should be creating content and creating a lot of content on a regular basis. For your Instagram account to get engagement for your brand, you can also spend time in other people’s photos comments section and still get as much brand awareness by actually having conversations with people you should also be having those conversations in your comments section. Post your photo and then have a conversation with those people that love what you’re doing.

Last tip:

One more tip from a good friend of mine who knows what it takes to be an amazing brand. On Instagram beginners often forget that you have 33 characters to say what you do in your bio on Instagram so be sure that you use your keywords because they are searchable on Instagram. Now you’re all ready to get ┬áStarted so get going.

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